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Orthodontic Treatment

ORTHODONTICS is a dentistry branch which examines malocclusion and how teeth’s location form at chins, diagnoses and tries to prevent these disorders before forming and cures after forming. Orthodontia consists of two Greek words. They are ‘ortos’ which means to correct and straighten; ‘odontos’ means tooth.

Dentist who deals with orthodontia called as ORTODONTIST or ORTODONTIST SPEACIALIST. To be an orthodontist in our country, candidates must get at least 4-5 years more education and take a doctorate after 5 years faculty of dentistry education.
Our oral and dental heaths are closely related to our general healthcare situation and happiness. Our facial esthetics and our smiling take an important place at our environmental communication. Scientific researches have shown that dental disorders rank number three after wearing glasses and speckles on face among school term children. This indicates the importance of orthodontic treatment.

Individuals who feel themselves uncomfortable because of their uneven teeth or image disordered chin may be embarrassed, feel to close their mouth need while speaking or laughing, beware to smile or try to hide their facial appearance. Speaking, facial mimics and facial expression gained at childhood are the most important outcomes that open doors at educational and social level later of life.