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Root Canal Therapy

Root Theraphy

When tooth cavities formed in ivory are not treated, they transfer into dentin layer under ivory. Dentin layer give us warning with toothache. If tooth cavities are not treated again, this time organisms move to dental pulp.

Dental pulp warns us via toothache to fend itself. Even though we do not have our teeth cured, soon after microorganisms lead to suppurate by impairing veins and nerves in pulp.
Reasons of sensitiveness against hot and cold food, toothache during eating may be infection or start of infection at dental roots. Excessive color changes occurred on teeth can be perceived as an indication, too.

Apart from these, in the case of tooth cavity reaches to ivory but not treated, infection transfers root apex into jaw bone and causes small or big distensions on face. In this situation, suitable antibiotic should also be taken along with the dentist’s mechanical operations.

In that periods when there was no root canal therapy choice, it was decided to pull the tooth. Thanks to developed visualization and root canal therapy equipment, even these kinds of teeth which cause large infections can be kept in mouth and serve you as if they were healthy teeth.