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Dental Tourism

Why Turkey?

Turkey with its increasing population embodies qualified labor force at healthcare field as at all fields as well. Dental treatment fees are high or specialist dentist and technician staff are missing in the countries which 3-4-hour flight distance to Antalya.

Dental treatment fees in Turkey are cheaper than Europe at rate of 70 per cent. By combining your touristic travel to Antalya with your dental treatment, you can also get your dental treatment during your trip.

Our clinic which takes place at the heart of holiday paradise, Antalya and with its developed technological devices and our specialist dentists and auxiliary staff who can use these devices and speak English and German is the best place for medical tourism with its sterile ambiance.

How does the process work?

Meet and Share

Fill out the form below to share your complaints and the actions you want to take.

Treatment Planning and Proposal

After submitting the form, let us know about your treatment plan and how much it will cost to you within 48 hours.

Treatment Process

Make your planned treatment in our clinic within the program.

Last check

Let’s make sure that all your treatments are complete and trouble-free by performing your final checks.