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Dental Cosmetic

Dental Cosmetics

Dental cosmetics has been wondered by people of all ages who have esthetic smile concern. In recent years, esthetic smile has been playing a big role in our lives. Our teeth are one of the most important factors of esthetic smile.
Smile designing is applied thanks to esthetic dentistry. In other words, smile designing application can be via laminated porcelain, dental veneers with crystal backed or zirconium backed, tooth bleaching with pint-size bonding systems or combination of all. Bottom line is that dentist negotiates with the patient and they find together what s/he needs.

Recently there has been a new technique at smile designing. That is a method of rehearsing smile. Thanks to this technique, dentist and the patient gather and they mark some teeth in mouth via special wax and they try to settle the patient’s smile design by feeling all teeth in mouth.

There are many important issues on smile design. These are shape of the patient’s face, gender, age, social status and hair length. Dentist comes together all these characteristics and tries to find out the