Ortognatik Surgery

Ortognatik Surgery Growth and development of anomaliye in patients with iskeletsel, (top and bottom according to deal with in relation to each other and/or çenelerin, or in the future is located behind) problem with the only orthodontic initiatives cannot be corrected. In this case, the Chinese face surgeon surgical treatment plan, along with an attempt to ortognatik is appropriate.

Situations Requiring Surgical Ortognatik

  • Attributed to the upper jaw misalignment, the top jaw misalignment in the future just normal jaw misalignment at the bottom for normal only attributed to the lower jaw misalignment, the lower jaw misalignment is normal, just behind the upper jaw misalignment at the bottom jaw misalignment in the future positioning, positioning the top jaw misalignment, the above normal, the great traumas left behind as a result of a combination of circumstances (traffic accidents, etc.) into the relations between the jaws and palate, lip, gum and corruption of gülümsemesinde, yarıklarında
  • On the asimetrilerde.

There are 3 phases: treatment Ortognatik

1. pre Surgical orthodontic treatment: An orthodontist can carefully monitor evaluates the arklardaki place darlıklarını çekimsiz çekimli or tooth and teeth, including dekompansasyon process as the upper and lower teeth, arklara, and so on. In cases of teeth on the severity of the problem and be çekimsiz çekimli or teeth, this process 10-16 months to be connected. At the end of this phase will guide the preparation of the jaw during surgery surgery as the model for the face, and plakların surgery arkları surgery.

2. Surgical operation: An orthodontist can carefully monitor the operations specified by the required amounts of Chin face surgeon under general anesthesia, the patient remains in the hospital for 2-3 nights makes.

3. postoperative orthodontic treatment: Surgery is needed if the post processing is done in the minor tweaks required. unison and brackets, orthodontic This process continues until 3-5 months.

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