Orthodontic Treatment Time

Orthodontic Treatment Time The duration depends on the type and severity of the orthodontic treatment orthodontic anomaly. The movement of one or more mobile devices to target treatments tooth takes 6-8 months. İskeletsel with fixed devices of interest free of anomalies is not just teeth treatment is 1-1.5 years or so will take it. İskeletsel free of anomalies is for a longer period of treatment. The duration of treatment and individual treatment of individuals that concern you cooperation. the biological answer will

What is the treatment use, and how long does it take?

Active orthodontic treatment, teeth and çenelerin after getirilmelerinden the desired smooth and accurate locations and the locations of the new çenelerin of the teeth before treatment to prevent their return has been made inactive. Dişerin is used in order to record the locations that use hard moving devices. Use the type of the device that is to be used for the duration of the treatment and during this period, the severity of the initial orthodontic anomaly and active orthodontic treatment time depends on the type.

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