Orthodontic Treatment Of Used Tools

Orthodontic Treatment Of Used Tools Aparey means the device mechanism. Orthodontic treatment are referred to with this name, all the mechanisms used. Apareyleri is available in a wide variety of very difficult to classify because ortodontide apareyler. In general we can apareyleri into two groups.

  • Apareyler used in the mouth
  • Used outside the mouth of the apareyler
These can be divided into subgroups within your own.
  • Might the person itself and moving apareyler
  • Fixed apareyler pasted by the doctor teeth
Now let's look at some of the orthodontic treatment is often used for apareyleri in accordance with the grouping.

Apareyler: used in the mouth hard

Baketler: Brackets on the front surface of the tooth, rear surface of the pasted brackets,, metal and ceramic brackets be classified roughly as pasted. The shape of the patient's treatment, social status and age appropriate expectation as determined by the shape of the bracket. This remains in your mouth until the end of the apareyler treatment.
Apareyler: pasted through Teeth bands Usually on the back of the teeth forward transaction blocking apareylerdir. Nance and multi-lingual examples in this group, and hard ark involves analyzing the apareylerdendir placeholder.
Some adhered to through habit Crusher apareyler de teeth bands.
Apareyler: used to retrieve the next Lower Chin hard The lower jaw from the upper jaw back apareyler this type of dog they are reaching out to female zone. Apareyler is a spring (spring) or within-tube by apply the repulsive through piston rod domain. In other words is when they are activated, leading the lower jaw. These indicate the impact of the break in the mouth because they are hard apareyler, and therefore do not need the patient without kooperasyonuna. Although many of the various companies that are the most frequently used aparey Herbst, Jasper jumper and Forsus.
Lingual Retainer: To use the current situation storage after orthodontic treatment. apareyi Lingual retainer is the name given to the hard use is made at the bottom but sees the necessary hekiminiz apareyi often bite bite well done at the top.
Chinese expansion apareyleri: Despite the use of the hard top jaw moving apareylerle apareyler stenosis often decreased expansion process can be done as well.
Chinese expansion apareyleri is very varied. Your doctor may treat your problems, your age and your own principles will most appropriate apareyi.

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