Orthodontic Anomalies?

Orthodontic Anomalies? Orthodontic anomalies of dişsel and iskeletsel, it is possible to separate the Group 2 level. As a result of incompatibilities with the curve onto the teeth yerleşecekleri alveol anomalilerdir dişsel anomalies to be seen.
Can be seen in the form of gaps between the teeth or bite. Teeth may be the main reason for having two perplexed. His father, the child's mother or what we call cross-ırsiyet small jaw bone with teeth, on the other they can request that a parent is great. a real çapraşıklıktır of receive This situation will be inverse of the gaps between the teeth is. The other is forced to withdraw prematurely, due to reasons like rotten milk teeth found in the bones, back left empty bookmark alveol from the bottom with permanent teeth in the permanent teeth that shift as a result of running out of virtual çapraşıklıktır.

According to deal with each other and the lower and upper jaw misalignment locations need to be positioned behind or in the future as a result of anomalies is iskeletsel anomalilerdir. We can mention the type 3.

Class II part 1 Anomaly:
The upper jaw has remained behind in the future or the lower jaw (or combination of shape)
Class II part 2 Anomaly:
Cover the bottom of a box at the top of the Chin Chin, such as örtmüştür.
Class III Anomaly:
According to the top of the lower jaw bite bite the lower or upper jaw in the future than it is located behind (it can also be a combination of both)
You can also cross-Relations in the direction perpendicular to the Anomaly Closing the jaws. In the direction perpendicular to each other mutual çenelerin. closing open front with disengagement of anomaly
Çenelerin right and left directions as a result of the mutual incompatibility is the side (transversal direction) anomaly closing cross-listing.

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