Lip Palate Fissures Has Been

Lip Palate Fissures Has Been Cleft lip and palate during the development of the first months of pregnancy, the baby's face is revealed as a result of the defect structures in birleşmesindeki. Face by crevices most often seen in the hard palate and the soft palate, lip. Lip and palate can be seen also together, such as gully can be separately. Lip and palate occurs during the development of the baby's mother, the fissures has been rahmindeki. Baby's normal development of pregnancy, 5-6. merges, 10 weeks lips. week joins the palate. Slot which resulted in the lip and damağın merger, each time you enter a new bug, arising from 700-1000 can be seen in babies born. Is the incidence of cleft palate alone. Cleft lip and palate occurs although a precise reason,

• Genetic factors,
• environmental factors,
• the use of mother's medication during pregnancy
• Mother's diseases,
• Mother's cigarettes and alcohol habit,
• Late age, hamileleik,
• İnfeksiyon,
• lack of folic acid and vitamin B;

can lead to this situation.

Cleft lip and cleft lip and palate of infants born of damaklı except that this can also be seen in another team congenital anomalies. This is the most important problem beslenmedir in infants. Disrupted integrity of the palate of the mouth nose in babies is very difficult because the child's nutrition and environment outdoor passage infection is obvious. Unable to process the baby sucking. An orthodontist can carefully monitor made by a nutrition plate is turned off and the baby's mother memesini emmesi openness tiered palate. Plaque child's growth should be changed in such a way as to allow for a few weeks. Plaque had to combine plastic surgeon as well as help palate processes in a way that allows seviyelenmesini.

Dişlerde in yarıklı infants with cleft lip and palate, and the number is expected to shape abnormalities, speech disorder. For this reason, an orthodontist can carefully monitor for a long time until the erişkinliğe from babyhood to the plastic surgeon, ear nose and throat must be checked by the team. Ameliyatlarının and other treatments should be done at times required.

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