How many Suitable Age to start treatment?

How many Suitable Age to start treatment? Mothers and fathers with their children's oral health are closely today. First visit to milk teeth and permanent teeth begin to fall, an orthodontist can carefully monitor cultivating some orthodontic problems are made around the ages 6-7 period is the amount of milk from the late dişlenme era adult very simple initiatives. An orthodontist can carefully monitor the milk teeth fall and permanent teeth collision with each other during this phase of the riding, his own teeth and its positioning as a traffic police forced paths in the router. It would be appropriate for different ages for different orthodontic treatment free of anomalies. First an orthodontist can carefully monitor visit an orthodontist can carefully monitor clinical experience with orthodontic anomaly occurs without his initiative and the front and would be the most appropriate treatment will be with the family when the time.Finger sucking as well as some bad habits can be abandoned at an early age with the help of ortodontistin.
Orthodontic treatments, there is no standard treatment initiation age. Each individual should be evaluated independently by an orthodontist can carefully monitor and orthodontic problem and be determined by an orthodontist can carefully monitor the age of starting treatment. Fierce closing disorders, especially in the lower and upper jaw misalignment, either in the future or is located behind cross-incompatibility, of interest to the jaw, teeth kemiklerini kapanışlarda a ortodontiste götürülmelidir çapraşıklığında extreme is not necessarily children. If there is a problem in the early period , even if this is not necessarily the start treatment immediately orthodontic treatment. It is very important that growth in the treatment of iskeletsel free of anomalies, especially in the formative years. An orthodontist can carefully monitor the development of the most appropriate time to pursue development and growth until the tooth. Teeth development, locations or missing is whether they tercihenpanoramik movies, hand-wrist should be checked fimleriyle growth development. Grips is cross-analyses on lateral incompatibilities can be determined by sefalometrik films. İskeletsel anomalies in the formative years of growth period of adult treatment unless it can be treated with surgical treatment method ortognatik. This treatment method, an orthodontist can carefully monitor and Chinese works in a team/aesthetic facial reconstructive surgeon. Treatment planning is done in conjunction with the jaw and face surgery/aesthetic surgeon first orthodontic treatment of the patient. In the middle of the process and the patient's surgery to treat Ortognatik grips, after getting in the way of the correct relationship between orthodontic treatment continue and ends.

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