General Orthodontics

General Orthodontics Mouth and teeth can wait general health situation and mutluluğumuzla are closely related. Estetiğimiz and gülüşümüz, which is an important document in the face. The use of scientific studies and faces between the children of the school period and then freckles, glasses dişlerdeki disorders 3. order is ridiculed. This also points to the importance of the orthodontic treatment.

Because of the bad image of the teeth or JAWS perplexed to turn themselves in, they can be comfortable or close the mouths of self-conscious individuals need to speak, hear the laughing with laughter can store çekinebilir or face views. Childhood speech, facial gestures and facial expression earned later in the life, which opens the doors of educational and social levels of the most important kazanımlardandır.

-Day yaşantıda ' tel ' treatment of orthodontic treatments so ' life can be applied to improve our above mentioned cases '. Corrects images for aesthetic orthodontic treatments dişlerimizin facial görünümümüzü increases self-esteem and takes you to the better. Most of the times even before it cures patients much more relieved and feel themselves as increased özgüvenleri. Better göründüğümüzü difference, begin to feel ourselves better in our lives with a smile and attractive profession and personal relations we will be more successful.

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