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An orthodontist can carefully monitor/Orthodontic specialist is who?

Orthodontic specialist, dental education then referred to the person who made the work related and podiums of doctoral universities. Dentistry training 5 years. After this is done, between 4-6 years doctoral education within this period at the beginning of the practical and theoretical training and patient as orthodontics. applications

Orthodontics done what age?

Ideal for orthodontic treatment age, growth-development continues through the ages 8-14. However, there are treatment options that can be applied at any age. Surgical treatment of Ortognatik is under the age of 18 after you are done. If you have iskeletsel and functional disorder in children with beklenmemelidir for treatment. This decision depends on the severity of the disorder and treatment decision totally just orthodontic specialist.

Orthodontic problems due to the cause?

Dental abnormalities, hereditary reasons or tooth çürükleri, early dental work, bad habits (finger sucking, etc.) caused by problems such as, etc.

Milk teeth decay and early loss leads to çapraşıklığa?

Milk teeth and permanent teeth, parts of the future task will be for the matrix. Both in terms of the expansion of the bone, as well as the preservation of the milk teeth and permanent teeth will fit is very important. Bakılmaması and çürüklerinin through the eyes of a temporary tooth milk tabs a to be treated by Pediatric Dentistry specialist is required.

How to tell if the closing is disorder?

If you have a parent-child teeth is closed, the upper jaw in the direction of openness from the bottom if you have gaps between the teeth more is narrow at the top, the bottom, or from the Chin or too much ahead of the arkadaysa must be examined by a specialist in orthodontics.

Is it normal to have ranges between milk teeth?

The permanent teeth that will come with the dairy eating place for intervals. Permanent teeth, milk in the latter case these gaps because they were bigger than the tabs. If this is the future of milk dişlenme stage bite should be seen as a precursor to the yamuklukların.

Invisible orthodontic wires?

Invisalign, also known as the unseen dental braces and Orthoclear. Lingual technique Incognito made more advanced technique, also known as applications are also available. Thanks to the Modern orthodontic techniques

Tooth pain when inserting the wires?

Tooth hanging wires is an operation that requires the painful or anesthesia. Stuck with special adhesives on the teeth tooth wires. Prepared by the first few days of treatment, dental wires and may cause mild pain and dental etlerine could cause discomfort. After the first few-day familiarization of dental wires becomes almost does circuit.

Orthodontic treatment is not done what could happen?

Besides the issues, aesthetic dental çapraşıklıkları and iskeletsel disorders, problems with chewing and jaw joint pain, speech problems, lockups, and can cause gum iltihaplarına çürükleri teeth. At the end of all these problems, measures are taken for the orthodontic treatment.

How old should visit an orthodontist can carefully monitor the first?

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