Orthodontics In Antalya

General Orthodontics

General Orthodontics Mouth and teeth can wait general health situation and mutluluğumuzla are closely related. Estetiğimiz and gülüşümüz, which is an important document in the face. The use of scientific studies and face Read more

What Is Orthodontics?

What Is Orthodontics? ORTHODONTICS, closing, how disorders and teeth çenelerdeki locations, who diagnose and prevent disorders treatment after running before a dental branch. Made up of two Greek words, orthodontics. One Read more

Orthodontic Treatment Requirement

Orthodontic Treatment Requirement The vast majority of individuals seeking orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance and gülüşlerini they ortodontiste head. While orthodontic problems affecting our health teeth also. As an exam Read more

How many Suitable Age to start treatment?

How many Suitable Age to start treatment? Mothers and fathers with their children's oral health are closely today. First visit to milk teeth and permanent teeth begin to fall, an orthodontist can carefully monitor cultivating some orthodonti Read more

Orthodontic Treatment Time

Orthodontic Treatment Time The duration depends on the type and severity of the orthodontic treatment orthodontic anomaly. The movement of one or more mobile devices to target treatments tooth takes 6-8 months. İskeletsel with Read more

Orthodontic Treatment Of Mouth Care

Orthodontic Treatment Of Mouth Care Orthodontic treatment will be fixed or mobile devices, within the duration of the mouth. During the orthodontic treatment on a regular basis both teeth and these devices fırçalanmalıdır. Otherwise, o Read more

Orthodontic Anomalies?

Orthodontic Anomalies? Orthodontic anomalies of dişsel and iskeletsel, it is possible to separate the Group 2 level. As a result of incompatibilities with the curve onto the teeth yerleşecekleri alveol anomalilerdir dişsel Read more

Orthodontic Treatment Of Used Tools

Orthodontic Treatment Of Used Tools Aparey means the device mechanism. Orthodontic treatment are referred to with this name, all the mechanisms used. Apareyleri is available in a wide variety of very difficult to classify because ort Read more

Ortognatik Surgery

Ortognatik Surgery Growth and development of anomaliye in patients with iskeletsel, (top and bottom according to deal with in relation to each other and/or çenelerin, or in the future is located behind) problem with th Read more

Lip Palate Fissures Has Been

Lip Palate Fissures Has Been Cleft lip and palate during the development of the first months of pregnancy, the baby's face is revealed as a result of the defect structures in birleşmesindeki. Face by crevices most often seen in Read more

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